Parents Reading Widely Could Help Children At School!

    In the E-book, Everything You Want to Know About Home Schooling, the author makes some valuable points about parents and carers reading widely. The points raised apply not just to those who homeschool but for all parers that want to help to educate their child… Parents Reading...
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Teach your child the history of mathematics

noir people for ninalazina  man and two children reading
Over  many centuries mathematics has developed and become what we know today.   For example, the place value holder zero (0) has not always been around. Here is a brief history of mathematics: Ancient Egyptian texts could  be written in either hieroglyphs or in hieratic. It is believed...
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Parents Boost Education

A bedtime story
Parents Boost Education Parents not Schools Boost Exam Success, Studies Suggest … By Judith BurnsEducation reporter, BBC News Supportive parents are key to good exam results says a new study Continue reading the main story Tweet
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Numeracy – why teach children working in the head?

Afro British Children Science
Numeracy  - why teach children working in the head? In his book, Issues in Teaching Numeracy in Primary School, Ian Thompson states some basic reasons why mental calculations are necessary: Mental arithmetic develops and promotes a better understanding of numbers.  Mental calculations encourage children to develop short cuts to solve number problems,...
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Children as teachers make the best learners

Children love to teach other children
Children as teachers make the best learners! You know if you have learned a topic to a sufficient standard  when you can teach others what you have learned.  Often parents help  children by helping them with rote learning, drilling and repetition of facts. Tweet
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Make problem solving a family affair

'Listen, one part magnolia and two parts white. Got it?'
Make problem solving a family affair As I have mentioned in previous post, it is vital that children have experience of problem solving.  Problem solving involves children applying common sense, logic, experience and prior knowledge in order to solve problems in a variety of situations. Problem solving in numeracy often includes...
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Top 10 ideas to help your child with numeracy

boy science
Numeracy ideas for kids  Top 10 ideas to help your child with numeracy: Numeracy is part of our every day life. Helping children to view numeracy as part of their life can help tremendously with their understanding and their enjoyment of numeracy. There are many opportunities to use numeracy which...
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A times tables grid can help visual learners

Printable number squares:
  What is a visual learner? Visual learners  like to see what they are learning, not just hear it. Visual learners like charts, maps, videos , copying from the board at school and films. A times tables grid is a great way for children to see the times tables...
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