Year 2 Numeracy: What your child should know


 Year 2 Numeracy: What your child should know
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It is important to keep up-to-date with what your child is doing at school and what they are expected to know by the end of each school year. Of course, children will acquire skills at different developmental stages but you can track your child’s progress by understanding and knowing what they should know. Here is an outline of what they should know for maths by then end of year two:
Know by heart their 0,1, 2,and 10 times tables. Yes, don’t forget the 0 times tables!  Help with times tables here.

Tell the time to half an hour , o’clock and quarter to.

Recognise and know odd and even numbers.

Add and subtract number to 20 in their head.

Know some basic addition facts by heart e.g. 2 + any number to 10.

Know number bonds to 10 and 20.

Describe and name 3D and 2D shapes.
Use a ruler to measure in centimeters.

Put any 7 numbers in order up to the number 100.

Measure or weigh using litres, centimetres or kilograms

Count backwards and forward in ten and ones from any two digit number.

Add and subtract number under 20 in their head.

Solve simple number problems and be able to explain how they worked them out.

Know pairs of number that make 100 such as 70 +30.

Be able to double and half number foe example double 6 is 12 and half of 12 is 6.

Count to 100 and read and write numbers to 100.

Find the total value of a given set of coins to £1.00

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