Year 5 Year 6 Numeracy: What your Child Should Know

>What should my child know at the end of year 5 and 6?  
Year 6 should be a consolidation and an extension of year 5. Your child may have gaps in their knowledge. Also, depending on your child’s ability, they may be working to year 4 or even year 3 maths work; this depends on each child. Take a  look at the previous years. 

  • Fractions  – e.g.  equivalent fractions, adding fractions with same denominator, fractions as percentage and decimal 
  • Interpreting line graphs
  • Learning about shapes
  • Number facts – e.g.  quick recall multiplication facts up to 10 x 10, add 99 and 9 to a number, multiply and divide by 100,  halving and doubling, pairs that total 10, odd and even numbers, inverse operation, work out a sum when brackets are used, 
  • Reading bar charts and tables
  • Reading scales
  • Scaling up and scaling down
  • Time and time-lines
  • Understanding decimals
  • Understanding timetables and 24-hour clocks
  • Using a calculator
  • Using a protractor

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