Year 3 Numeracy: What your child should know for ks2 maths

>It is important to keep up-to-date with what your child is doing at school and what they are expected to know by the end of each school year. Of course, children will acquire skills at different developmental stages but you can track your child’s progress by understanding and knowing what they should know. Here is an outline of what they should know for maths by the end of year three and for ks2.

Know their 2, 5 and 10 times tables. Help with times tables here.

Know units of time such as years, months, minutes, seconds , days and hours.

Be able to interpret numbers in a chart, table, graph and list.

Read and write numbers to 1000 and understand the place value of each digit – what each digit represents.

Be able to identity lines of symmetry and recognise shapes with no lines of symmetry.

Count forwards and backwards in tens and hundreds from any two digit number.

Understand fractions.

Recognise units of fractions and use them to find the fraction of a shaded shape.

Be able to add and subtract numbers to 20.

Add and subtract multiples of 10 to 100.

Understand division and that it is the inverse of multiplication.

Understand money and solve basic money problems; using both pounds and pence.

Identity and know right angles.

Be able to understand and solve word problems and select the correct operations – that is, multiplication, addition, subtraction or division.

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