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Numeracy – How Can I help My Child? ks1 and ks2

Sign up today to receive free updates to help your child  succeed in numeracy. Enter your email address: Delivered by FeedBurner   Sometimes adults feel that they are unable to help their child with maths because they believethey themselves are not good at the subject. I don’t believe this...
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Counting – Reciting Numbers is Not Counting

Abacus Girl
Counting Counting – Reciting Numbers is Not Counting! I can remember learning to count. Counting was so abstract. We just counted for the sake of counting, reciting numbers each day. There was no correlation to the real world and counting. Yes, I knew many counting songs and counting rhymes...
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Low Self Image in Children

Low self esteem child
Low self image We all want to have children that are positive, happy and full of self confidence. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Many parents and schools struggle with children that have low self confidence. Low self confidence can manifest itself in many ways, some may...
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>How Do I know if my child is gifted and talented?

> How can you tell if your child is gifted and talented?Gifted and talented Children  have outstanding skills and abilities that outshine their peers. They could be gifted in math, English, science, sport or in the arts. These children find it easier to retain and understand what they...
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Maths Board Games Make Children Excel

I have always enjoyed playing maths board games and so have my children. Board games are a great way for children to learn number skills; there is very little pressure and the atmosphere is relaxed and fun.  Try dice games they be lots of fun  and help with...
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Times Tables Songs

>Learning times tables does not have to be a chore. Audio learning of times tables is a fun way for children to learn. Children can learn their times tables in a variety of ways. It helps to have a range of activities for them to enjoy. Some children...
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>Counting Estimating – Don’t Eat The Cookies Count Them

>It is important that children can make sensible and accurate estimations. This is an extremely useful  skill to develop in children, alongside counting,  from a young age – preschool. From the age of about four-and-a-half,  children can be helped to develop this skill.  Estimation helps with confidence, creativity and...
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Times Tables Tricks

Times Table Misery Here are a few ideas of how to help your child learn their times tables. Be sure to scroll down to the cool nine times tables finger trick video. See the eight times tables trick here. Learning times tables is often a chore for many...
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Numbers and Counting.

> Education and Learning – numbers and counting I was watching a child count the other day and remembered how difficult it is for children to grasp the concept of counting objects. This child had obviously been taught, very well by someone, how to recite numbers up to...
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