Low Self Image in Children

Low self esteem child

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We all want to have children that are positive, happy and full of self confidence. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Many parents and schools struggle with children that have low self confidence. Low self confidence can manifest itself in many ways, some may not be that obvious and often the children with low self-esteem come across as having lots of confidence.
Signs of low self confidence and self image may be:
Not wanting to participate in groups
Not wanting to go out
Being rude and abusive
Crying and getting angry very quickly
Over eating or eating too little
Bullying, arguing and annoying others
Becoming quiet and isolated
Having no friends
How to foster an emotional balanced child with high self confidence:     Low Self Image in Children
· Your child will have their own opinions, they may not always agree with you, they may not always be right, but you should value what they say and not respond in a negative way. Commend them for having their own opinion and expressing it – this will raise their self confidence.
· By giving plenty of praise, you will find your child becomes more self confident and emotionally balanced. Praise what your child does as well as the way they look. Do not be negative about your child’s physical appearance as this will not raise their self esteem.
· Let your child take on some of the chores around the house. They could be responsible for watering the plants in the garden, putting the toast in the toaster in the morning or replacing the toothpaste in the bathrooms. Responsibility, will not only raise their self esteem, but also prepare them well for later life.
· It is very important that children are raised to be self-critical, but constructively so. Children should be able to judge when they are doing something right or wrong and rectify it. However, you do not want to foster a child that is overly critical as this would be counter-productive. You want to encourage them to be more tolerant of mistakes and more self confident.
· Your child will develop a sense of pride in their history and culture if you discuss it with them and embrace your culture with them. Teach them to speak your language and give them a sense of your culture by telling stories about your childhood and family. This will improve their self confidence and self image.
· To improve their self confidence and self image, comment and praise something positive your child has done or a quality that you admire about that child. They may be kind or generous. As we want to cultivate these qualities, we should praise them for having them.
· A child needs mentally and physically stimulating activities. Sporting actives and other recreational activities raises children’s confidence, makes them more independent. This leads to a better enjoyment of life happier well balanced child.
· Plan activities that you can do as a family together. Don’t replace quality time with presents. Coming together as a family or group of family or friends is very important, in this time restricted world that we live in can do a lot for a child’s self confidence.
· Children should be able to laugh at themselves and at mistakes they make. If a child is very serious all the time, they will become frustrated. Encourage your child to laugh, by laughing with them not at them.
· Do not compare your child to others. Every child is an individual with unique and special qualities. This is what makes the world so beautiful, we are not clones. Wonderful talents and skills can be seen in all children; we just need to allow them to develop by giving them access to a wide range of opportunities. By allowing your child to develop you are improving their self confidence and self image.

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