How to help your child to read for enjoyment with reading tips

reading tips3 200x300 How to help your child to read for enjoyment with reading tips

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How to help your child to read for enjoyment with reading tips

As a parent or guardian there are many simple reading tips  to help your child read, whilst still keeping reading fun.

Before you begin teaching your child how to read,  there are some good  a good reading tip to encourage them to listen to stories being read aloud and to look at the pictures in books .  Another tip is to have plenty of books, comics, magazines (both fiction and non-fiction) readily available  in the home, as this will encourage children to explore a  wide range of text on their own. Read at what age your child should read.

Reading tips – listen to audio books – do you?    The Best way to help your child read initially and get them started is to read the book aloud to them first. In this way they can get a feel for the words and hear how they should sound which will improve their confidence when they come to read the book for themselves. There are plenty of audio books, if you are feeling tired. Another great tip is to teach phonics to your child as well as the letter names as again this gives them a good starting point for when they begin to read and write.

Reading tips – how many books do you have in your home? In order for children to develop as readers they need to begin to like books and understand that there are a variety of texts that they can read for enjoyment. If you want to  help your child read then try taking them to the library and book shops as this will cultivate a love of finding out information from both fiction and non-fiction books. Audio books for kids is also an excellent way to initiate and promote their interest in books as they love to mimic the style that the reader uses which helps improve their fluency.

Before you start to read with your child –  when you first pick up a new book it can help to discuss the title and ask your child to predict what they think might happen in the story. Try looking at the pictures and discussing them as this will hopefully capture their imagination and in time encourage them to choose books to read themselves. Read reading tips about different types of children stories here.

When to read – making time for reading practise every day is a great way to help your child read and continue making improvements. It can also be a good idea to encourage your child to learn some ‘High Frequency Words’.

Can’t find the time to read? Positive parenting listening skills  gives some advice.

Reading tips –  plan a regular uninterrupted time for reading each day. It can be as little as 15 to 20 minutes a day.  This time soon accumulates and before you know it you r child will be reading with increased fluency and speed. Read with and to  your child as often as possible: during a bus ride, in the car and  before they go to sleep. Read to your child before they go to sleep, this is not a good time for them to read to you as they are tired, but they will enjoy a story being read to them.

Reading tips – Reading is not a test

It is important that when you begin to help your child read you avoid making it feel like a test for them. Instead try to always keep reading time as a fun experience and they will be more inclined to continue and learn. For example if they should pronounce a word incorrectly avoid using the word ‘wrong’ but instead encourage them to try the word again. If they still have difficulties then you could try sounding it out for them but do not leave them to struggle for too long as they will become bored and frustrated.

Reading tips – if your child gets stuck on a word, encourage them to sound it our or to read on and guess or predict what the word could be. If after a few attempts they still do not get the word then sound it out for them, if they still cannot get it then tell them what they word is.

Simple way to help your child read and keep it fun is to use Click N READ & Click N SPELL, which my children and friends both enjoy. It is essentially designed as a game so that your kids actually look forward to playing!

Reading is for enjoyment : 

Perhaps the most important tip to remember when you learn how to help your child read is to make sure that reading becomes an enjoyable time for both you and your child. If they are not in the mood to read then do not force them as this can often have a negative effect. Instead you could perhaps try to read to them yourself and ask them to join in when they are ready. Often you will find that their enthusiasm grows as the story progresses and they will want to participate themselves. A great way to encourage this is to find a sentence that you know they can read and suggest that they join in to help you read it. Also, when they have finished the story check that they enjoyed it  and talk about their favourite part of the story, characters and events. Discuss other stories they have read and ask them to describe the similarities. .

 A tip for those children who lack reading  confidence:

If you find that your child lacks confidence then try to read the same book several times as this can be a fantastic way to boost their self-esteem and will help your child to enjoy reading. Make sure your child knows where to start reading from and that text should be read from left to right. If you struggle to find a book that they are interested in then why not try a catalogue children love to look at toys in catalogues. Try looking at the catalogues together and discuss and read about the products listed. Read more about developing your child’s self confidence here.

More reading tips – children should be encouraged to read a variety of texts from comics, recipes, newspapers to even food labels! After all, it is all reading!   Reading tip – don’t give up , your child will be reading soon.


Read  how to pick a book they will read.

End of reading tips.


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