Does your child have the best conditions for learning?

Does your child/ren have the right conditions to learn to read and learn the times tables?

reading and times tables 150x150 Does your child have the best conditions for learning?

Reading is fun!

Does your child have the best conditions for learning?

Learning  the times tables and reading should  be fun, but children need to have the right conditions to learn them. Remembering  the times tables and learning to  read  requires the active use of the  short term memory as well as the long term memory . It is important that children are able to cope with the information they are endeavouring to process.  Here is a quick check list of the important conditions that children need in order to learn to read and to learn the times tables :

1: Food – a healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner as well as  snacks will give your child the energy and concentration to learn.

 A healthy breakfast will ensure that your child is:

-alert – hydrated – able to concentrate – energised

2: Children need to be active. Play is very important for children and they should be allowed time to play and socialise with their friends or siblings. Imaginative play helps children to learn.

3: Happiness and confidence make learning easier and fun for children. Promote a supportive and happy environment for your child which in turn will make them confident and raise their self-esteem.

4:  Drink – it is important that your child has enough fluid during the day. At least 6 cups of juice a day, for example: – water -fruit juice – milk – yoghurt juices

5:  Sleep – children need at least 9 to 12 hours of sleep. It is a good idea to have set bedtimes and a  set routine.

6: Resources for times tables – we  all learn differently. Give your child a variety of resources to help them learn the times tables. They can learn the times tables  through songs, rote method, times tables tricks  or times tables games. Lastly: Resources for reading – children learn to read using a variety of methods: sight reading, phonics, predicting and guessing. All these are valid ways of reading and children should be given the right conditions to learn to read. Read – help your child with reading and help your child read for enjoyment.

All  of the above applies to learning a topic or subject, but this will also help set a solid foundation for learning to read and learning the times tables.

Have a lovely day. Nina

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