Kids love cheese omelette with banana breakfast

Kids love eggs with soft ingredients added. You can increase the vitamins they receive by adding a side portion of bananas and a glass of fresh , not from concentrate, orange juice. Breakfast is the key to getting their brains and body working for a full fun day of of  activity. 

Cheese omelette with banana and orange juice, kids breakfast .

omelette eggs kids 150x150 Kids love cheese omelette with banana breakfast







2 medium sized eggs

Mild cheddar cheese –  (2 tablespoons )

1 medium banana

Two  tablespoons of olive , sunflower oil or butter

2 slices of bread – if  you can get them to eat whole meal then that’s brilliant. If not,  white bread will do or 5o/ 50 bread.

Fresh , not from concentrate, orange juice or try freshly squeezed orange juice.



Place the pan on a low heat and let it get hot before adding the oil / butter.

Grate or thinly slice the cheese

Whip the eggs in a bowl.

Add the beaten eggs and let cook for a few minutes,  and sprinkle the cheese on top, cook on one side until the egg is cooked. All the liquid should be gone.

Fold the egg and let it cook a little further. Place the omelette in a plate.

Place the sliced bananas on top of the egg or at the side.

Serve with fresh orange juice.


Watch this video on how to make a cheese omelette . I only use two eggs, per person, and no milk, but you can adapt your recipe for taste.


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