Stay Happy This Christmas Day


 Stay Happy This Christmas Day

At this time of year most people are looking forward to the festivities of Christmas, even if they are not religious.  Christmas day should be relaxing day of year full of laughter and joy. Unfortunately,  Christmas is a stressful and difficult time of the year for most people,but it need not be. Here are ten of my tip for a happy Christmas.

1: Plan  and arrange to do with the children, friends and family over the – December -Christmas period. Christmas is not just about eating lots of food. You, during the month of December,can plan to go bowling, ice-skating, to a Christmas pantomime or theatre. All these will make Christmas that bit more special and you will enjoy the time you spend with your family and friends more. Try and do this throughout December.

2 icon razz Stay Happy This Christmas Day ut a little money away for Christmas each month. It may be too late for this Christmas but try for next year. Make a fund for going out with your family and friends and a fund to take the children somewhere special or treat yourself to a special meal. This will make Christmas it more enjoyable and you won’t have to feel guilty as you saved for it and are spending your own cash.

3: During the Christmas period, try not to over indulge as often this will leave you feeling tired and lethargic, especially if you have over indulged on chocolates and alcohol. Have snacks that are healthy and that will not send your blood sugar level sky high and make the children hyper-active.

4: Avoid family members that will stress you out at Christmas. There is no reason to be with family members that you do not get along with. If they insist on visiting you, make sure they come around after Christmas day, that way they cannot ruin Christmas day for you. Have fun and laughter on the day and be with people that you care for and will not make you feel miserable. If you are not happy, then your immediate family will not be happy, so make sure Christmas day is not spoilt by anyone.

5: Do not run out and buy extra on Christmas day! If you aint got it then do with out it. Try and make a list in advance and one last one the day before Christmas to ensure you have all the cooking ingredients that you require. Forget the house work and shouting at the kids, sit down and relax, don’t get run raggered while everyone else has a good time.

6: Delegate tasks so that eveyone knows in advance what they have to do.It could be as small as who will vacuum the stairs the night before, or who will cut the potatoes. If everyone knows what they have to do, then there is no excues or reason for Christmas day not  to run smoothly.

7: Have a budget for your presents and stick to it.You do not have to buy expensive gifts and you only have to buy for your immediate family. Again, next year start buying early so the expense is not all piled on to one pay cheque or you have to buy using store cards and credit cards.

8: Don’t forget those people that have helped you out during the year or have been especially kind to you , your children or family. A small gift or a card is all that is needed to show your appreciation to a nurse, teacher, doctor or friends and family.

9: Buy yourself something to do or read over the Christmas. It may be a book, a movie or DVD. Treat yourself to something you would like to do or go somewhere you would like to go.

10: Instead of wrapping all your presents, purchase Christmas bags and different colour paper. Wrap the gifts in paper and pop it in the bag.This saves time and energy and is stress free.

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Have a lovely stress free December.

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