Maths Board Games Make Children Excel

I have always enjoyed playing maths board games and so have my children. Board games are a great way for children to learn number skills; there is very little pressure and the atmosphere is relaxed and fun. 

Try dice games they be lots of fun  and help with numeracy.

Many children find maths a struggle. It is important to build the foundations for maths as concepts in maths are related. It is beneficial to do this from a young age, but sometimes the problems children have with maths are not identified until they are older.  Children should talk about numbers and say and  do maths out  aloud.  We need to make maths come to life by talking,  using and applying number skills. One way to do this is to introduce maths board games to children.

Maths board games can be a beneficial addition to traditional lessons and the repetition  of playing games helps with reinforcing basic maths facts for addition, division, subtraction and multiplication. These games also help with problems solving skills and mental maths. There are also a great tool as they bring the family together so that aunts, uncles, grandparents , siblings and friends can all participate.

Here are four  traditional games that will help with your child  with  maths

Monopoly – children’s version also available to purchase – 6+

 Maths Board Games Make Children Excel
Junior Monopoly click for more details

 Maths Board Games Make Children Excel
Classic world famous property trading board game.
Move around the board buying and selling properties.
A game of luck, chance and wheeling and dealing.
Corner parts of the board, build houses and hotels.
Suitable for 2-6 players.  I love this fair ground one. Excellent for children. My son was playing this at six years old. Very entertaining and a worth while investment – you will get hours of family fun.


 Maths Board Games Make Children Excel
Ludo click for more details

 Maths Board Games Make Children Excel
Ludo is a simple board game for two to four players, in which the players race their four tokens from start to finish according to dice rolls. Like other Cross and circle games but simpler.

Snakes and ladders  Snake and ladders is a game all my children have loved and my youngest still enjoys it. It teaches children to read a dice and to count on.It teaches them to take turns and is a great introduction to board games.  Snakes and ladders, or chutes and ladders, is an ancient Indian board game that is now a worldwide classic. It is played between 2 or more players on a playing board with numbered grid squares. On certain squares on the grid are drawn a number of “ladders” connecting two squares together, and a number of “snakes” or “chutes” also connecting squares together.


 Maths Board Games Make Children Excel
Snakes and Ladders click for more detail

 Maths Board Games Make Children Excel

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