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Kids succeed with simple numeracy games

Millionaire Times Tables Game

How can numeracy games help? Strategic thinking is a valuable asset for all children to have.  It requires that children are  able to  combine various information, observe, plan and analyse  solutions…

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The meat on the bone of numeracy is!

The meat on the bone of numeracy is?

Mental arithmetic If your child is not confident  at doing mental arithmetic they will find tests and exams in primary school more difficult. Exposure to  mental arithmetic and  problem solving means that your child will become familiar and more…

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Fun With Multiplication Games

 Times Table Games – Fun For All Excellent for kids just starting to learn their tables.  Click image for more details. Learning the times tables should be made fun and…

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My Versatile Blogger Award

My Versatile Blogger Award Thanks to Lindsay at I have won the Versatile Blogger Award!  I am so pleased as I have tried my best to build a site that is…

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>Vinegar and Lemon help you Save!

> Today is saving tip Friday. On Fridays I hope to give you tips and help on how to save money. These are all ideas that I have tried and…

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