10 Healthy unusual breakfast / brunch ideas for children and adults

breakfast / brunch ideas for children and adults

Don’t let breakfast be a chore. There are so many healthy recipes to boast children and adults in the morning.   Good breakfast increased the flow of blood to the brain and energies you for the rest of the day. It does not just have to be jam and toast, here are some quick unusual recipes to give you and the kids a perfect start to the day. During the holidays get the kids involved and create a different breakfast each day. Enjoy.


1:  Blueberry pancakes


2:  Avocado and bacon on toast


3; cheese and cumcumber sandwitch


4: Apple turnover


5: Potato pancakes



6: Baked tomatoes


7:  Rice and vegetables


8: Soup


9: Fritters  and salad


10: Cold muesli style porridge









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