What is numeracy and how can I help my child?

If your child is just beginning to count, you many be interesting in reciting numbers is not countingCount the cookies don’t eat them.

What is numeracy?

Numeracy requires an understanding of the number system and the ability to solve number problems in a range of different contexts. Numeracy requires practical understanding of arithmetic in order to carry out daily tasks.  That is, your child should be able to, by the end of KS2, add and subtract, recite and manipulate the times tables, handle money, read and interpret graphs, understand statistics, measurement and apply measurement and  more – see below.  Whereas, mathematics, on the other hand, is more abstract. Below is a list of the topics covered in numeracy for ks1 and ks2. I have included some useful links for children to play games to consolidate their knowledge.

Numeracy topics include:






Multiplication – including times tables

Ordering numbers

Number sequences

Number and basic algebra

Organising data

Shape space and numbers

Telling the times

Statistics / handling data

This video is on how to make numeracy less abstract and more interactive for children under 11 years old. This video shows how nature and the environment around us can help our children understand  numeracy; they do not just have to sit at a desk.  This video looks at measurement, estimation and size.

Books to help with numeracy:

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